PropTech and Straddling the Digital Divide

Posted by Dom Millar on 25-May-2017 14:00:07

PropTech is the new buzz word in the property marketing world, it’s all about data informing bespoke content creation and appropriate channel selection.

The reality is that it’s been at the core of what The Completely Group has done for years in the pioneering marketing packages we offer our clients. We determined, long ago, to be at the forefront of developing and applying technology in the marketing of commercial property. As a result, nobody offers more integrated marketing tools than we do.

In repositioning ourselves as the agency where creativity, intelligence and technology meet to produce powerful property marketing, we believe our intention and capabilities are clear.

As the industry catches up with us and defines this approach as a new route to market, our use of technology at our events, our continually-evolving listing sites and our insightful marketing collateral testifies to the fact that Proptech is business as usual at Completely HQ.

Our mantra has always been to develop new and effective digital devices and to integrate our analogue output, our digital platforms and the face-to-face format of our Completely Retail Marketplace events to provide an approach that connects and transcends our deliverables and channels.

That’s what inspired the content of the April 2017 issue of our new-look [Different] magazine. From 3D capture and printing through to personalised printing and finishing, we wanted to draw on our experience and, with a little help from our friends, explain and demonstrate how to harness the power of technology to deliver powerful campaigns through a range of communications and marketing channels.

Different Magazine – Cover.jpg


It didn’t stop there, the accompanying online edition contains a video interview with PropTech expert Antony Slumbers which supplements his article in the printed magazine; an overview of digital printing and finishing; a video introduction to 3D printing and footage of the 3D modelling of our cover portrait.

We also wanted this redesign of the magazine to be visually enjoyable. To have impact. To be content-rich. To inform. To illuminate. To influence. And, above all, we wanted it to be connected.

At every stage, layer upon layer was added to engage the reader. Subscribers’ copies of the magazine were personalised by name on the front cover. And for a select 100 key contacts, we provided a special edition slip case which included a digital laser cut-out of their surname with extra foiling on the tip-on cover and beneath to highlight the reveal and add emphasis to the multi-dimensional concept. There was also a personal letter within a French-fold in the magazine.


At the same time, April’s Completely Retail Marketplace in London saw the introduction of a high level of smart tech to help exhibitors maximise the commercial opportunities generated by the event. This included the provision of iPads on exhibitors’ stands which hosted a specially-created WebApp showcasing their portfolios and powered by, our retail properties listings site. There was also a giant touchscreen on site so that attendees could search the entire Completely Retail site’s property listings and comprehensive sector data. In addition, 12 digital displays streamed event and retail market information throughout the day. It’s a level of tech support not seen at other retail property events.


Even the EG Retail Market Analysis and the Soapbox sessions, in which retail brands make their pitch to agents and landlords, benefitted from a tech upgrade and were broadcast to the assembled audience as a 'silent presentation' via headphones. Billingsgate-465.jpg

The magazine, the Marketplace events, the property listings sites and our output of digital and analogue marketing materials are all about how content can be used across a variety of channels to communicate and to convince.

 The future of marketing isn’t a choice between digital and analogue – it’s about the data that informs content creation, identifies the target audience, aids channel selection and determines frequency. It’s about a world in which each item in the marketing toolbox, from whichever side of the digital divide, works together to improve impact and maximise reach.

Our marketing successes are inevitably down to meshing the various analogue and digital tools at our disposal, alongside our creative techniques, into a cohesive campaign that gathers pace and strength as it reaches the audience in a variety of forms and from a variety of directions.

It’s what we’re well-known for: intelligent thinking and creative excellence that produces outstanding materials and incisive strategies for retail, industrial, office and residential property marketing.

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Written by Dom Millar

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