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Posted by Max Hughes-Williams on 30-Jul-2018 11:42:55

Hello and welcome to The Completely Download looking at the news, research, and interesting resources the team have been reading/watching.

(Plus some gifs because we all need a laugh/something happy to look at.)

The Completely Download is collated by our Marketing Manager Max, and so far has only be shared internally, from now on we will be posting the download here on our blog.

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 Aiming to give you the key takeaways each post contains a link to the original source and a TL:DR (Too Long:Didn't Read) section that summarises the main point/s for you.

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Without further ado here is issue 7.


What we're reading/watching


Coresight Research >  Weekly Store Openings and Closures Tracker 2018 #30: Homebase Continues to Shut Stores


TL:DR Coresight Research produces weekly updates on store openings and closures in the UK and US, with comparisons to the previous year.

Key takeaways from this week;

  • To date this year for every two stores that close one has opened
  • More stores have closed to date this year than in the entirety of 2017
  • Almost as many stores have opened to date this year as in the whole of 2017
  • Greggs are doing well with the most store openings to date this year and in 2017
  • Store openings seem to be coming from mainly from food brands
  • Store closures are dominated by Pound World and are a mixture of clothing and general goods that are easier to purchase online


McKinsey & Company > The Secret to Making It in the Digital Sales World: the Human Touch


TL:DR McKinsey & Company have a brilliant selection of articles on marketing and sales that go into a lot of depth on various topics. This particular article looks at how successful B2B sales delivers results by blending digital and face-to-face contact to achieve results.

Key takeaways:

  • B2B buyers want both digital and face-to-face contact but at different stages of the buying process
  • Face-to-face communication is valued most when a B2B buyer is first interacting with a supplier
  • B2B buyers want more digital self-service options once they come to repurchase and less human contact
  • There are three key elements to the B2B buyer journey; speed, transparency, and expertise
  • Buyers want to talk to sales and account teams who are experts in the product
  • Slow turnaround times annoy B2B customers, slow meaning anything more than 24 hours
  • Lack of transparency around price and product comparisons frustrate buyers and providing easy to see pricing and product information that is tailored to the buyer’s business can drastically increase the numbers moving from consideration to purchase
  • In short “Sales reps need to focus their efforts on expertise, on being more consultative, and on responding quickly.”


Retail Week > What Ikea’s Store U-turn Means for Retail (Video)


TL:DR Retail Week does a weekly discussion panel about the past week’s biggest news and what it means for the industry. This week they are talking about Ikea moving into the high street and Hammerson moving out of retail parks.

The discussion revolves around the trend towards focusing on convenience for shoppers. They touch on points such as car ownership dropping and the increasing urbanisation of our population. We’ve gone from 80% of people driving by the time they are 30 in the 1990’s to 45% now. This does pose an interesting theory for the future of retail; we could see the out of town retail parks dying, which is probably what Hammerson are thinking the trend for the industry is. > This Is What No-deal Brexit Looks Like


TL:DR It is looking increasingly like we’re heading for a no-deal Brexit, this article from covers what that would mean specifically looking at food. In short, regardless of where you stand on Brexit, the country is not prepared for a no-deal.


Other stuff


Convince and Convert > Jay Baer’s Top 30 Digital Marketing Blogs


TL:DR Jay Baer is one of the top names in digital marketing, and his website is an excellent source of news and insight, in this article he lists his top 30 digital marketing blogs. An excellent resource for staying on top of digital marketing.


The Guardian > Knotted Hankies and hammocks: the Heatwave of 1976 – in Pictures


TL:DR Pictures from the last scorching summer in 1976.



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